• What kind of file format may I use for my design files?

    All file format will be accepted, our designers check each file manually before we proceed to create the free email proof or before we print. We do recommend using .JPG format.

    Most popular formats:
    – JPG
    – PSD
    – PDF (Single and Multi-Page)
    – AI (Illustrator)
    – Microsoft Office Word and Publisher
    – PNG

    What form of payment do you accept?

    PAYFAST Instant EFT and Offline EFT Payments. For Cash Deposit contact us before making the deposit.

    Do you offer Broker Discount Accounts?

    We offer discounts for customers processing 5 or more orders per day, please contact us at sales@flyerprinting.co.za to request your broker discount.

    Where can i upload my ready to print piece to get a design proof before sending it to print?

    You can email us your designs on sales@flyerprinting.co.za

    What’s the normal turnaround time?

    The standard turnaround time is from 7 to 10 business days to print plus 1 to 2 business days of shipping. This meaning that most likely a customer will be receiving their product in about 8 to 12 business days after ordering unless otherwise communicated with you.

    What’s the procedure on placing custom orders?

    Email sales@flyerprinting.co.za directly with the requirements for your print, we will send you quotation thereafter.

    What do I need to provide to get a custom design?

    When requesting a custom design, ideally we need for you to provide the images and text that you desire the project to have, after doing so, our designers will add anything extra to make it to your liking and also they will do a few layouts for you so you can be able to choose you one you like the best and if you need any changes to be done to it before printing.

    Does the price of my order vary when I order colour on both sides?

    Yes, the price does vary when ordering colour on both sides, normally when your placing your order you can automatically see the variation in the price on the product page

  • Does the price you quote include VAT?

    NO, we do not charge VAT on all Printing.

    Does adding full trim bleeds have an extra charge?

    Yes, adding full trim bleeds has an extra charge, depending on the product you chose to order. While selecting the different features you need in your order, you can see the price change on the top of the page as you chose or remove a feature. This applies to the full trim bleed.

    Do you guys do notepads?

    Yes we do, please contact us for a custom quote.

    In case of needing a specific template for a specific business type, what do I do?

    In this case all you have to do is send an e-mail to sales@flyerprinting.co.za and request the type of template you need and our design department will provide you with such service.

    Do you guys offer in store pick up?

    No, we still don’t have this service available.

    Do your prices include shipping?

    When placing your order on the order form, the delivery price is mentioned.

    What is the min. size accepted for trim bleeds?

    The min. size we accept for trim bleeds is 3mm Anything from there or higher is doable.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Yes, full refund will be issued if no proof or plates have been generated. Fees may apply if proofs and/or plates for printing has been generated.

  • What is custom flyer printing?

    Printing a flyer is not very different from printing other promotional material. However, before starting with the print process you should know what a flyer is. It is actually a single sheet document that can have prints on both sides. Flyers can be made in different sizes. Designing an attractive flyer is a very important thing ass this is what you will be using to communicate with your potential clients. Because of this, a flyer has to leave a positive impression on your customers. The best way to design a flyer is being simple – using short and simple text messages and images. Once you know the main differences between a flyer and other print material, you can have a more successful marketing experience towards promoting your business.

    How can a flyer help my business?

    Flyers work very well for any type of business. Even when you are opening a bar, a dry cleaners service or similar, you can flyers to announce your business and to represent its qualities and potential offers that you might make in the future. The truth is that flyers are a very cost-effective way to boost a marketing campaign. There are a couple of simple steps that you need to follow in order to create a successful flyer marketing campaign. First of all, you need to set a budget. After this, you will be ready to choose your design theme. Make sure to include a colourful and lively message and full colour advertisements are accepted the best by most of the audiences. The next step is writing your copy. Make sure it is short, straight and understandable. In the end, find a reliable print company that will be able to print your promotional material.

    Can a flyer be attractive?

    Yes, flyers can be attractive and are at the same time one of the easiest printing jobs. It is very important to create a colourful and attractive flyer but not to get too crazy with fonts and graphics. It is important that you keep your flyer simple and to use graphics that add emphasis to what you are promoting. Avoid dark colours when creating a flyer.

    What is a design proof?

    A design proof is a draft of your printing. If you want, we can send you a design proof on your email, and you can check out the eventual mistakes and do some corrections. After you approve the draft, the printing of the flyer can begin. Sending you a design proof is free of cost and you will receive it on your email. The sooner you check out the design proof, the sooner your work will be sent to print.

    Why should I get a flyer?

    There are many reasons why you should make a flyer, but the most important one is to promote your business. After sending flyers to potential customers there is a big chance that your profit will increase resulting in selling more of your products and services. It is very important that you include your valid contact information on the flyer so that you could be contacted by your clients regarding your business. Making a nice looking flyer is a very good method of giving a good impression to your company.

    How much does a flyer design cost?

    The price of a flyer and a flyer design will depend on various factors such as amount of the content, images, quality of the paper, etc. You can create your flyers yourself and sent to us to be printed, or you can use some of the available free templates for flyers that can be downloaded from our site. Next, you can opt for a personalized professional design which will cost you from R199-R599.

    Which flyer sizes does Fast Flyers offer?

    We have 3 different sizes of flyer for our clients to choose from – 148x105mm (A6), 148x210mm (A5) and 210x297mm (A4).

    What is digital printing in the flyer printing terminology?

    This is a modern process of printing that involves use of digital technology. The printing machines are connected to computers and this is why this way of printing doesn’t have any errors. At the same time, digital printing provides sharp and fast flyer prints.